Our time together can be slow and sensual or highly energised, it’s your choice.

Deluxe GFE

Let’s not rush, I love to be romanced and learn more about you and what makes you happy, fulfilled and content. We can explore, relax and rejuvenate, leaving the worries of the world behind us. Throw in some passion and cheekiness, and you have the perfect experience.

XXXDeluxe/Premium GFE

Why don’t we have a little more fun? Live out your fantasies with me in a safe, uninhibited environment, where we can explore each other’s naughty sides and express ourselves both verbally and physically.

Not sure what you’d like? 

Let me show you how the time you choose to book makes a difference in your choice of either Deluxe GFE or XXXDeluxe/Premium GFE.

30 minutes
Who doesn’t love a quickie, no mucking around, jump right in. 

One hour 
Just enough time to de-stress and feel good.

90 minutes 
My favourite, means we can explore each other fully.

Two hours  
Perfect for first-timers and couples.

Four-hour Dinner Date 
We’ll spoil ourselves with a delicious meal and a special type of dessert afterwards.

Six-hour Dinner Date and Show 
We won’t have to rush and can laugh and explore what we really like to. Sharing an experience with the show will deepen our connection in the bedroom. 

Eight-hour Day-Date or Day Into Evening Date 
How about some sightseeing, walking in nature, a wine tour, cooking together or hanging out watching your favourite streaming channel? Experience fun things together, lots of laughs, or new activities to stimulate all of your senses.

After all the fun of a dinner and show, smooching and snuggling, why not let that contented feeling linger longer. Dream peacefully and wake up next to me with fresh coffee in the morning.

24 hours 
Let’s have fun! A full day with me getting wild, exploring each other, yummy meals together, then snuggling and kisses to end.

I don’t mind sharing, do you? Why should two have all the fun when three makes it a party