Get to know me better

To get to know me better, I love to know what you like, and who you are, so that we can have fun over and over again.

My approach to life is that we’re here to enjoy ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously, am I right? 

I love nothing more than going on a free-spirited adventure with someone who is ready to be satisfied both in and out of the bedroom. As I’m a mature, more experienced independent escort I am easy to talk to and enjoy meaningful conversations as much as silly, giggly times together. 

Walking around the city with me you’ll see how much I appreciate really different architecture, searching for graffiti art that speaks to me. Being out in the bush arouses all of my senses, taking in all the beautiful smells of the countryside gives me a real appetite for sensational food and even a cheeky glass of the finest red wine.

What to expect when we’re together

From the time we have our first phone call together to the hot and steamy end of our experience, your satisfaction, as well as my pleasure, are the only things on my mind.

Yoga practice is very important to me and keeps my body toned and fit. As a trained erotic sensual masseuse I will make the stress of your day disappear. My hands and fingers – and my lips – will bring you to that point of release you’ve been dreaming about. 

Some say I have two sides to my personality, the first is like a cat, sultry, slinky and purrs when touched in her favourite spot. The second is like a tigress who will get wild and playful until you can’t stand it anymore.

My body and my mind are always up for all sorts of adventures. Trying new ways to  experience real pleasure is a constant in my life.

No matter what challenges you face daily, I will be there to listen and take the initiative if you’re not quite ready to.

I love what I do and you will too!